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About Nashriver Inc

NASHRIVER Inc is a Digital Marketing and Educational Company. We focus on helping any one to understand the value of investing in rental real estate. We believe that any one who has desire to invest on himself or herself and hungry enough to follow our simple instructions to generate generational wealth will have steady flow of cash flow properties for life . We focus on preventing home owner from homelessness. We shall reduce homelessness on the veterans with our special programs for all active veterans.

Nashriver Academy

I do not believe that volumes and volumes of teaching materials are necessary for anyone to start making money in real estate. I prefer to take the students by hand and show the student how it’s done. I do one, the student does the next. Complete the necessary forms with the student. I like GPS system. Fast to the point. Speed with accuracy.


Is available for people who want fast track to success. Also for people who want financial assistance in any way will be provided with our funding. In either case the student make 50% and NASHRIVER 50% of profit. We provide funding and back you up with our name . What’s holding you up?



We are not attorney or accountant. We advice you to contact your attorney and accountant for financial advice.

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