My name is Doctor Andrew Okpaleke.

I am a retired Medical Doctor. I practiced medicine in various states for over 30 years. I spent most of my years in medicine at the Community Health Centers working with the less-privileged people in the society. I also went to overseas medical missions for over 30 years.

My family were very active participants to the overseas medical mission projects. It is now obvious why the entire ten members of my family are in medical field.

All my children practiced act of helping others before they could talk or walk . The staffs grew the community health center from two small clinics to 19 large mega medical centers in 20 years. Old Walmart store was purchased and converted into a Health center. All the failing local Doctor offices were taken over by the health center and the doctors and staff became the employee of the health center.

I had Masters Degree in Healthcare Planning and Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville prior to attending medical school. With knowledge, it was easy to do impossibly expansion and provide medical services to large population.

These extensive training in health care and years of practice of medicine and experience of handling complex people needs prepared me well to handle equally complex real estate business. I started Real Estate investing since 2005.

I am in the business of helping people. I listen with two ears and talk with one mouth. It may be listening to a patient with multiple medical issues, like cancer diagnosis, heart disease, mental health problems, drugs and alcohol problem or difficulty having a male or female children. 

Each need a good listener and caring heart to solve the client’s problems, which sometimes may need appropriate referral to someone better than you for the benefit of the client. Service to the client takes priority over everything. This statement is true for medical practice or real estate investing.

It may be a distressed out of state home owner who received registered mail that her expensive beach front property will be foreclosure due to unpaid property tax. Her husband passed and she had never paid property taxes before. Finding solutions to her problems will prevent medical problems like hypertension, stroke, depression or suicidal ideation. If a well trained real estate investor does not step in and assist her she will loose her life and children’s estate.

You can see that medical practice, real estate investing are two very important essential services to the people. I was blessed to have extensive training in both fields.

In 2005 , I had my first Real Estate Training at Millionaire University by Russ Whitney in Florida.

In 2009 I was trained by President D. Trump at Trump University program in Tampa Florida.

I was trained by one of greatest Millionaire Makers in Real Estate Investing . He is Ron LeGrand in Jacksonville, Florida. I also have had extensive real estate investment training over the years .

I have done many real estate deals included Rehabilitation, Wholesale, Land Developments, New construction, Land Banking, Tax Lien, Tax Deed, Real Estate Mentoring. Nashriver Inc is a new addition. My comfort zone is discussing or investing in real estate . There is nothing better than a feeling that your family is financially secure. Using asset protection will safeguard your business.

The speed and determination that I used to produce ten medical doctors in my family. I will use the same speed and determination to train determined individuals to be financially secure. At Nashriver academy we train students who need help not people who want help. We talk to people who will listen and do not waste valuable resources on the unwilling people.

Nashriver has a special system to help prevent a veteran from becoming homeless.

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